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What our customers says about The Pianist Studio team in terms of Piano/Keyboard Purchase

  • <NEW> Hi. Sorry for the late feedback. In general, I found that Bryan has been very informative and patient, without being pushy and overly aggressive. Although the price of the piano is the same as what I have found in other places such as XXXXXX, I still decide to buy from Bryan because of his professional and friendly attitude towards potential customers. Mr.Tan
  • I would like to thanks Bryan for his excellent service & professional advice on selecting suitable piano for my 5years old son. I strongly recommended mummy who do not have an idea what to buy for beginner to contact him or visit Pianist Studio before making purchase elsewhere. Happy Mommy
  • “Great piano, great price, great service; thank you Bryan!”
  • Appreciate it.. Will recommend your place to others.. Have great day..
  • The things condition are so good, price is cheap. Thank you very much for your help when I carry the things to wait taxi. Today I’m very happy bcos I can buy this keyboard for my daughter.
  • He was extremely helpful. And detailed.. Especially for a customer like me that is new to piano. He provided enough advices. Great customer service.
  • My piano purchase with The Pianist Studio was very pleasant. Bryan was informative, efficient and helpful in arranging piano delivery. Thank you!
  • hi Bryan,Piano well received with many thanks.
    You have been a great help, excellent service !
    I really wanna say a big thank you to you for guiding me choose a correct piano for my daughter, as well as for your patience and professional advise. Of coz, thanks for your great service too in arranging the piano to arrive within such a short waiting time.
    Two thumbs up for you!
  • Hi Bryan, thanks very much for all your help, we have settled the piano. Appreciate your prompt replies and excellent service! The delivery guy were very nice.
  • A Keyboard Customer (Mr) – You have great customer service. Excellent. Thanks
  • A Digital Piano Customer (Ms) -Service is good the piano was delivered on my expected date.
  • A Digital Piano Customer(Mr) – I have a good experience with The Pianist Studio team. Everything promised (within their control) is delivered nicely. All came in perfect. I have no negative feedback at all.
  • Hi Bryan I’ve received the headphones. Thanks for the help. Anyway, the service rendered has been very prompt and responsive since the first day i called your studio to enquire on the prices. Another thing that impressed me is that you guys go out of the way to assist your customers, be it getting me the answer i needed and arranging payment options. (Small things like helping to find out more about the free camera). It has been easy to liase with you so thanks a lot. I am very happy with my piano 🙂 ~ A Happy Casio PX850 Digital Piano Customer
  • Hi Bryan, I’m very happy with the PX-150. It has a really nice touch and is working great for me! The scores that are provided are also very helpful. I’d like to thank you for your recommendation and also the delivery for being so prompt and professional 🙂 thanks again! ~ A Happy Casio PX150 Digital Piano Customer
  • Thanks for explaining in detail to us on how to select suitable digital piano for our kids. ~ Digital Piano Customer
  • Delivery & installation is professional and all in good condition ~by The Pianist Studio student’s parents
  • Device & Service is good & Satisfactory ~ Anonymous
  • Service was good ~ Anonymous
  • Hi Bryan, I am a very satisfied customer of The Pianist Studio. Your expertise and service are of high standards. Best Wishes – HK HSR
  • Thank you Bryan and The Pianist Studio for guiding us in buying the best keyboard for our daughter. The way you explain the products and pay attention to your customer needs make you unique and better player in the market. Great Job Done!!! – from Parents of a 6 yrs girl
  • 🙂 Piano Received. Good service and professional advise provided. ~ Happy Yamaha Digital Piano Customer
  • Hello Bryan. Thank you for your good service the other day! You’ve been very informative and patient as you guide me through the different models. Both of you were very courteous and we were very pleased with your services. 🙂 ~ Digital Piano Customer
  • Attentive & Professional. Thank you Bryan. ~ Digital Piano Customer
  • Friendly service and piano sounds good! ~ Digital Piano Customer
  • Service was good. Just asking do you also have/sell padded bag to carry and store the keyboard? ~ A Happy Keyboard Customer..
  • Thanks for everything you’ve helped me yesterday answering all my questions. thank you very much again (: haha, well it’s good to have such service ~ Anonymous
  • Although you do not sell it, Thanks a lot for providing info on where to buy the AC adaptor for my old keyboard model Cheers! ~Anonymous

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